Daily Office Cleaning Services

Alpha Cleaning Ltd was incorporated in June 1986. Existing for over a decade, we have pioneered in the cleaning service in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

We are a learning organization in the pursuit of excellence. Alpha Cleaning Ltd fosters a flat management based on culture of trust, cooperation, participation and care. Responsibility has been pushed down to line management and we customize our services according to client requirements.


Daily Office Cleaning

  • Daily cleaning of offices, commercial center and building on contract basis
  • Our cleaning services are offered based on our customer’s requirement, taking the following into consideration:
    • Surface type
    • Density
    • Specific task (dish washing, tea service, messenger service, high rise cleaning)
    • Specific hours of work.

With a labour force 1400 persons, we ensure quality and consistency and the Alpha Hallmark is made possible through a team of dedicated personnel. Through the years of development and experience, we have provided our services to a wide range of clients based on 3 key words Quality, Reliability and Flexibility.