Company Profile

At Alpha Cleaning Ltd, we believe in according each contract a fresh thinking and flexible approach to ensure the full requirements in a cost-effective manner, teamed with our managerial experience and our enviable reputation for quality, contract management and customer care.
Operation is controlled through a network of regional contract managers based in the North, Port-Louis, Lower Plaine Wilhems, West & East, Upper Plaine Wilhems & in the South.


Service Quality

True to the image of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate obtained in 2004, we strive to implement with determination a quality management system for cleaning services strictly based on the standard of its requisites.



As a professional service provider, the company has systemized its approach to technological issues with significant contribution to customer care. The norms and standards we have developed are used in the preparation of service cost estimates and are helpful in implementation as well as monitoring of our performance and services at customer level.


Our Personnel

The workforce consists of 1200 employees recruited with great care and attention, who received theoretical and hands on training. Only upon completion of the training process, are they allowed to perform at customers’ premises.
Control is exercised more efficiently through direct supervision and organizational or technical problems are solved on the spot.


Maintenance of Equipment

Alpha Cleaning Ltd undertakes to service its equipment that may have a direct impact on the services of the company. We have our own Quality System Servicing of equipments to provide a better performance

We have a wide fleet of vehicles adaptable for various Operational purposes. Different machines and equipment are used for aircrafts, floors, vinyl, carpets, tiles, concrete, terrazzo, wooden material, windows, pressure cleaning, yard cleaning etc.

Thus in order to maintain our leadership in the cleaning fields, the company has set up a servicing plan for proper maintenance of its equipments. Servicing and maintenance sheets have been created for a better control for this purpose.

In order to assure smooth running condition of all equipments at all times, we have a large stock of spares to palliate for any breakdown on any site to prevent disruption of operation.